Tina Seelig: Creativity (Morning Mentors #2)

Qualifications: Management Science and Engineering Professor, Directory of Stanford Technology Ventures Program

Seelig’s talk on creativity has applications in entrepreneurship and research. It’s fascinating how something simple as reframing problems by asking what would change if I solved this problem can stimulate new ideas and jump-start creativity.

  • You gain knowledge by paying attention to the world and being more observant than ANYONE else
  • Knowledge is a toolbox for imagination. The more you know, the more you can work with. You need to know things deep enough to create metaphors for other areas
  • You can be imaginative when you reframe the problem and open the space up to other solutions i.e. Jokes are funny because the frame switches. Jokes are a way to practice how to frame problems
  • If you’re stuck, ask the question in a different way
  • Connect and combine. Most inventions come from putting things together that EXIST but in non-obvious ways
  • Go beyond the first right answer. Generate a lot of ideas!
  • “The biggest lesson I’ve learned in my life is that if you take steps that are big enough to be challenging but small enough you can make them….that’s when you end up becoming most successful…don’t take tiny steps”
  • Every problem is an opportunity for a creative solution!
  • End talks with a good story it sets the tone for the rest of the discussion

Video here!